The following depict the needed directions to be successful. THese are contained in the freezing vegetables-fruits chart with some of the more popular vegetables and fruits.I am sure there are many others that could be listed here. In many cases,like in the green vegetable family,the procedures for preparing for freezing are almost identical. I hope this assist you in learning to freeze vegetables properly. The second chart on this page pertains to freezing fruits.


Beans(both green and yellow Podded)Sort sizes,snip off tips and wash. Blanch small beans ,after cutting or breaking into useable pieces or freeze smaller beans whole blanch for three minutes. Chill cold ice water for the same time.
Beans,LimaShell,sort and wash. Blanch small beans 2 minutes,medium 3 minutes,and large 4 minutes.They can be blanched in pod and shelled afterward. Chill in ice water for same time as blanching.
BeetsLeave only two inches of the top and wash. Cook until tender.Chill Then remove skins.Dice or slice the beets and in this case because of complete cooking blanching is not needed
CabbageThe outer leaves should be removed and thrown away. The option is to cut in wedges or shred coarsley. Wedges require 3 minutes to blanch while shredded is one and one-half minutes. Chill in ice water.
CarrotsWash,trim and scrape. Slice or dice to one-quarter inch in thickness. Blanch for 2 minutes. Chill in ice water
HerbsWash and drain CAUTION DO NOT BLANCH LEAVES Wrap a few leaves or sprigs in foil or seal in plastic bags. Herbs can be stored in a glass jar or carton in the freezer.
MushroomsRemove stem base and wash. THe smaller mushrooms can be frozen whole but large ones cut into four pieces. The blanching required for your mushrooms is to add one teaspoon of citric acid,or one teaspoon of lemon juice or one-half teaspoon ascorbic acid per quart of water to stop the darkening. Blanch small or medium mushrooms for five minurtes and cut pieces for three minutes. Chill in ice water
Peppers(sweet,green.or red)Remove the seeds and the stem and wash. Blanch half peppers for three minutes. Chopped peppers can be frozen without blanching. Chill in ice water.
Potatoes Peel and remove any deep eyes,bruises or green surface coloring and wash. The cube size should be one-quarter to one-half inches. Blanch for five minutes. FRENCH FRIES Cut into thin strips Now fry in deep fat until VERY light golden brown drain and cool then freeze in plastic bag. Browning and heating should be completed before serving Try HASH BROWNS cook unpeeled unntil almost done then peel and grate and form into desired shape then freeze.
Potatoes newThey should be of uniform size and make sure you scub them throughly to remove the skin. Three-quarter diameter potatoes blanch four minutes,one inch blanch six minutes,one and one-half inch blanch 7 minutes and anything larger blanch for eight to ten minutes. Chill the potatoes in ice water for three to five minute and make sure you drain well. The best quality will result if used within a month.
SpinachTough stems should be removed after sorting. Blanch for two minutes and this goes for most leafy greens. If the spinach is tender then only blanch for one and one-half minutes. Chill in ice water.
Summer squash and zucchiniPeel,wash and cut into one-half inch slices then blanch for three minutes


Just a word about freezing. A question might be posed here as to the practicality of owning a freezer. The modern refrigerator in most cases has sufficient room for a family of four. A larger family or if you have become economy minded may justify a seperate stand alone freezer. You could save money in the long run but it would be wise to measure this against the energy cost of an additional appliance consuming electricity. If your decision is to purchase a freezer than consider three things:

  1. Grow as much food as you have room at your house or apartment. You could even negotiate with a local for some space for your endeavor and involve the entire family to have fun with it not making it into a chore or drudgery.
  2. .Shop your local farmers market as a supplement for number 1 or use it as your source for both freezing vetgetables or freezing fruits.
  3. If your storage is roomy than by all means find a place where you can buy in bulk for the ultimate thrifty freezing.

If you do buy an upright freezer a little tip would save a ton of door closing and accidental moments of leaving the door hanging open. You can slightly raise the front edge of the freezer and place a thin wood scrap underneath. If you forget or your arms are loaded with goodies for your freezer,the door will close by itself. The chart below gives information on the freezing of some fruits.



BlackberriesWash in cold water and sort. Crush and pack using one cup of sugar for 7-8 cups of fruit.You can also pack whole in syrup using three cups of sugar to one quart of water. In the case of pies pack berries dry without sugar. Make sure you label so you know what procedures you used.
BlueberriesWash in cold water and sort. A blueberry desert should be packed as in blackberries above. However crushed use one cup of sugar for a yield of 8-9 cups of fruit.If for pies,pack dry without sugar syrup or sugar.
Cherries for pie being sourYou can freeze cherries for pies by using one and one-half cups of sugar with four cups of pitted cherries for a 9 inch pie. You can also just pack them in sugar syrup using four cups of sugar to four and three-quarters cups of water.
Sweet CherriesWash in cold water and sort. They should be put in syrup with two cups of sugar to one quart of water plus one-half teaspoon of ascorbic acid. Also pick from the choice of either one teaspoon of citric acid or one teaspoon of lemon juice for added flavor.
MelonWash in cold water. Peel and cut pulp into one-half to three-quarter cubes or balls. If you have one of those kitchen tools that will shape balls this is the place to use it. Cover with syrup as in two cups of sugar to one quart of water. Use lime juice for flavor or you can add whole seedless grapes. This should be served partially frozen.
PearsThese must be full-flavored pears with absolutely no mealy texture. The pears should be washed,peeled and cored. Heat in boiling syrup using three cups of sugar to four cups of water and heat for one-two minutes.Cool and drain plus add three-quarter teaspoon of abscorbic acid.
RaspberriesJam raspberries are packed without sweetening. Wash in cold water and sort. If not being used for jam pack in three cups of sugar to one cup of water or you can use one cup of sugar for 7-8 cups of fruit.
StrawberriesStem your strawberries and wash in cold water. You can pack them whole,sliced or crushed with one cup of sugar for 7-8 cups of fruit. A whole berry should be in the syrup mixture using three-four cups sugar to one cup of water

This will give you the needed information to comfortably freeze and feed your family with your own food knowning how it was prepared prior to consumption. However if you want to give canning a whirl then there three spots you should visit on this website. You can also review the information on freezing foods or read it for the first time. I included all four links below:





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