There are many reasons for building a backyard fences. It essentially provides a line to mark your property,maybe a security reason or privacy. It can also be for aesthetic purposes adding to your landscape with decorative fences. There are numerous ways to accomplish all these things and quite possibly in the same fence. You can either choose to purchase a factory built fence or do your own thing from scratch. The hardest part of either choice is the sinking of the those backyard fence posts. However, if done correctly, it doesn't have to be your worst nightmare.

First before we get into the kinds and types of backyard fences,it is necessary to establish exactly where your property lines exist if the backyard fences are to be erected close to the edge of your property. This might require a survey of your property if you are not positive as to the exact location of the line. It is better to be safe than sorry then to have an irate neighbor confronting you about its location. You may also need to check with your local zoning and building codes.There could easily be regulations which are not familiar to you. It would indeed be sad to have to tear down your beautifully erected backyard fence.


This requires some thought since these backyard fences can become quite expensive. However there are designs that exist that can assist in reducing the cost of the desired fence. It would be easy to install a simple post and rail,wire or mesh easy fences to install and provide a lower cost. However in this day and age your objective maybe to board some horses if the acreage will accommodate this type of endeavor. Fortunately building a safe and secure border is simpler than one might think. See the picture below of one such fence.

An interesting design in backyard fences

An unique type of post and rail fence picture above can do this job. This one is a double rail fence which is not only attractive but fulfills the safety factor. This type of fence still does the job well and of course cost is part of the reason. Although this fence was a little more expensive than your single rail fence. Horse owners have to use their own judgement in these things because horses are too valuable both financially and emotionally to consider just the price.


The Wood fence is one choice in backyard fences

A tall picket fence maybe ideal in your choice of backyard fences

A beautiful redwood fence could be your choice for backyard fences

These are your typical backyard fences accomplish with treated wood the two rail fence and a tall wooden picket style fence. In this high tech world your choices can go beyond this simple treated wooden style. I have used cedar in my raised garden design but nothing keeps you from using it in a fence style. It is very attractive,insect and rot resistant which makes it a good choice for a decorative fence,a border fence,or maybe even a small accent fence placed in an upside down "v" to provide beauty to and draw attention to some attractive flowers in your garden.

Of course let's not leave out redwood it is both beautiful and insect resistant. A good feature of redwood is staining is not really necessary because the shade of the wood is already attractive to most people. However to keep your redwood in top condition, I would recommend applying a clear water repellent for a natural appearance but there are pigmented stains and paints that can be applied. It makes a great fence as can be see in the photo above

The use of backyard fences for pure decorative purposes

The need for a Privacy maybe foremost in your backyard fences planning

The pictures here reveal two types of backyard fences one in the decorative motiff and the other in a privacy situation. The decorative use of either a curved or concaved picket fence design in vinyl to accent some arborvitae pine trees is an excellent choice for the job. This could be constructed in your front yard as a street border entrance to your property giving it a very formal appearance. The vinyl lattice pictured here presents another use for this type of product.

Actually this is constructed in our backyard to provide privacy from the neighbors as we lounge in our screened in porch. It not only becomes very decorative but gives the proper screening to our porch without appearing like a blatant attempt to disguise your displeasure with peering eyes.


It is definitely a good idea to review how you set your fence posts in backyard fences. It matters not what the construction materials are be they wood,vinyl or even chain link the fence is only as good as the posts you need to install.

It is necessary to set them securely,bracing them and making them straight so your backyard fences are secure. Your first decision is to pick the spot where your post are going to be erected. Then proceed to dig a hole in each location where you have marked for the posts to be installed. The hole should be dug at least a third of the length of the post plus six inches. A post hole digger is your best bet to accomplish this depth. However if you have a rocky landscape a powered post hole digger might be the avenue to take. Our backyard has a lot of rock fill underneath the surface and the attempt by me to dig these holes with a manual post digger was akin to digging holes with a spoon.

After you have emptied the hole,with your post hole digger,tamp it down thoroughly. The next step is to fill at least half of the hole with water and allow it to drain. You should take note of how long it requires to drain the water. This will provide an indication of how loose your soil is and what type. If you experience rapid draining then it indicates the presence of sandy soil or perhaps just loose soil. The less solid the earth appears then more gravel or maybe concrete will be necessary and it could mean the possibility of a deeper and slightly wider hole.

This illustrates your digging efforts in backyard fences

Now that you have the earth tamped down you will fill the bottom six inches with gravel or concrete or both. The concrete should be left to set enough to make the post stand up straight without any kind of support. However make sure it is not so stiff,in the case of concrete,that it prevents you from inserting the post. The time involved for this procedure could vary from an hour to several hours depending on the mixture or the weather. At the right point place the post and wiggle it around to either secure into the gravel,if that is all that is used, or in the case of concrete enable the elimination of air bubbles. A level should be use to verify that your post is straight. If it becomes necessary tie a string around the post in three directions and stake it. You may want to add tension to the string to keep the post straight. Let everything sit for at least a day.


A baby guard fence should be installed whenever there is water

A  gate is also necessary for an upper deck when a small child is present

I think that in backyard fences a baby guard fence or small child fence has a place. It is especially needed around swimming pools,ponds,and other water areas in your yard. It could also be used to keep those young ones out of specially cultivated gardens that could be trampled under foot by your little one. You should also consider a gate for those decks that are attached to the second story of your house. The gate pictured above consists of a sturdy aluminum material is very lightweight. It has a special safety latch that toddlers cannot open but easily opened by adults. Of course any child gate you can purchase should have these features.


A simple garden gate for your backyard fences

A good choice if using redwood fencing

Unless your backyard fences are strictly for decorative or border purposes,you may require a garden gate. It is in fact the most important aspect of your fence if you are enclosing something like a garden or a special perennial flower garden. A good workable gate,which does not sag,stick,or slip usually comes with special gate hardware to enable the correct operation of your gate.

A really excellent finished look could be an arched gate or gate column that gives your fence project a sophisticated look. Many times a gate is used as a showcase item for your property. However many gardeners use just a simple gate to enclose something so that visitors or guest can't tramp through this part of the garden.

Of course if you are ambitious and good at carpentry,you may want to try your hand at constructing your designed gate. The installing of gate posts for your backyard fences would follow the same procedure as fence posts. There are several differences to consider when installing the gate post. You should make the hole for the gate post several inches wider than a fence post and dig the hole an additional six inches deeper. This will insure the support of a moving gate. Now you are ready to build your own gate.

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